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Renovation and interior design project
Project for gourmet hamburger restaurant
Reform, design, and decoration of a restaurant for «foodies».

The idea behind this restaurant, specialized in hamburgers, was to create a new concept for it. A more attentive service, taking care of the product and always paying attention to the last detail. This had to be reflected in the space itself.

Thanks to the combination of materials, playing with solid oak wood, Scottish patterns reminiscent of «ENGLISH SNOB», mixed with an industrial touch and fully custom-made furniture, we managed to create this special and cozy space. The lighting was carefully designed not only to decorate the environment but also to accompany each moment of the day with a different light, which can be adjusted according to the need.

All the walls have worked details, such as pictures of pipes, bow ties, frames with images of characters with similar styles, chalkboards with daily offers… an endless number of details.