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Pops&Co Calacatta Studio


Project, design, and execution of a specialized store for children's clothing and items in Barcelona, 2020.
A renovation that revitalizes the brand and personality of the store.
Project, design, and execution of a specialized store for children’s clothing and items.

There’s nothing like getting lost in space when entering a store, and that’s exactly what happens at Pops&co. Each corner has a unique personality, and the products stand out on their own.

Upon entry, there’s a large display window that creates different atmospheres, and on the other side, a vertical garden with swings that showcase the store’s name, painted in watercolor on the wall.

Throughout the store, the mix of materials such as rustic wood, wallpaper, and natural fiber lighting make the spacious area feel very cozy.

After passing through the first section of the store, we divided the space with an integrated wooden arch that leads to the large exhibition room – a blank canvas that allows for different environments as needed.

The only fixed element in the space is the executive office, a corner created with a white wooden glass window and natural jute curtains.

Pops&Co Calacatta Studio