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Renovation and decoration project
Home decoration Barcelona
We have decorated this newly built home located in the high area of Barcelona, in a residential neighborhood.

Every room in this home is carefully detailed, reflecting the client’s personality. Most of the furniture was custom made.

The living room is made of wood, combining gray and black tones, with details that give it a special shine and reflection. A large L-shaped sofa that adapts to the space is covered by a corner cabinet that embraces it.

For the dining table, we have chosen the same material as the shelf and sideboard, seeking to unify the environment. To give a special touch to the dining room, a large designer lamp.

The master bedroom has a custom-made headboard matching the dresser that serves as support for the dressing room.

In the kitchen, we have combined cold materials such as silestone and a clean white in the furniture that contrast with the solid wood and iron table.